Rebirth is the essence of nature. Year after year it reveals its magic in spring, nourishing the hope of a better tomorrow. Viticulture in Mexico is not new; however, the miracle of the rebirth of Mexican oenology is a fact.

However, the miracle of the renaissance of Mexican oenology is a fact.

Inspired by it, Hacienda Montero began the project to spread our Baja Californian and Mexican identity; through the best ambassador that could represent us and that we produce year by year: Wine.

This elixir for the soul that captures the rain, the sun, the earth, the wind and our dreams in a bottle, for the delight of any palate.

Internationally prized wines along wilh the grandness of Mexico and the heart of Baja California convey who we are: a new generation of Mexicans determine to demonstrate that we are capable of accomplishing our dreams and success with passion and drive that characterises this new nation of wine!

New York International

Wine Competition

We've won the gold medal as the best Red Wine Blend with our Valencia 78 label, award given by the New York International Wine Competition. A competition where 1500 wines and 24 countries.

Concours Mondial de Bruxelles

Silver medal

México Selection by Concours Mondial de Bruxelles 2020